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Feb. 21, 2019

S. 1 Episode 3-- Ariel Castro Kidnappings 02/21/19

Join us as Kat talks about Ariel Castro. She also gives a lot of great information on what happened to the women after being rescued. Many focus on Amanda Berry but Kat focuses on Michelle Knight! The Ariel Castro kidnapping...

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Feb. 14, 2019

S. 1 Episode 2- The Vanished Wife 02/14/19

In episode 2, Ashley covers the crazy tale of Kathy Stobaugh! A few days after Christmas in 2004, Kathy Munday Stobaugh was hours away from finalizing her divorce. Kathy had met with her attorney the previous day, preparing t...

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Feb. 7, 2019

S. 1 Episode 1- Dean Arnold Corll 02/07/19

Our very first recorded episode! We were originally on an online radio station so that's why the format is a little different from season 2 where we are out on our very own! In this first episode Kat does a …

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Feb. 5, 2019


Please be advised season 1 was done on an online radio station so season 2 and up are much better. We love the stories we did in Season 1 though and wanted to post them.

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