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Welcome to our insanity! We love making our podcasts for you guys. We have so much fun during recording. If you have just discovered us– the first season was recorded when we were part of an online radio station. Season 2 and onward is us, on our own, in our own studio!!! We cover everything from true crime, murder, paranormal, conspiracy theories, vanished cases, and aliens!

We love when our listeners message us on our FB page and leave us suggestions for episodes or tell us their true stories. Every week we post a Question of the Week to our FB page– come and join us and read the great answers!

In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re Kat and Ashley! We love to drink craft beer (most of the time), discuss life’s happenings, and share stories with you. Occasionally we bring you super awesome guests as well. Follow us on social media to keep up with our live videos, on coming guests, episode releases, photos and much more entertainment. 

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