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March 12, 2020

S. 2 Episode 19-- Bachelor's Grove Cemetary

Ashley discusses the haunted graveyard Bachelor's Grove Cemetary. It's said to be one of the most haunted spots in America and definitely one of the most haunted places in Chicago. Give our episode a listen as we explore the ...

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March 5, 2020

S. 2 Episode 18- Clementine Barnabet

Kat tells us all about Clementine Barnabet, hoodoo voodoo and the Church of Sacrifice! Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page: Join us as we explore the dark side of humanity!

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Feb. 29, 2020

Bonus: Lost Dyatlov Pass Episode from Season 1

In this episode that we previously recorded while at Vinyl Draft, Ashley discusses in depth the mystery of Dyatlov Pass. What happened to these hikers? Will we ever know what happened that night? Listen along as we discuss th...

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Feb. 27, 2020

S. 2 Episode 17-- Melon Heads and other Urban Legends

Ashley discusses in depth the Melon Heads urban legend, variations of said urban legend and then she tells a few quick urban legends specific to Texas. We also discuss big change coming for the show! Join us as we explore …

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Feb. 20, 2020

S. 2 Episode 16-- Sleep Paralysis

We have our friend Ashley on as a guest and we all discuss our crazy sleep paralysis experiences. Kat provides us some background info on why we have it, the different types you can have and what to do if …

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Feb. 13, 2020

S. 2 Episode 15- Natural Born Killers-Charles Starkweather 02/14/2020

Ashley discusses Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate, the killing couple that inspired the likes of Natural Born Killers and many other pop culture references. Caril was the youngest female in history to be charged with...

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Feb. 6, 2020

S. 2 Episode 14-- OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Medium Janelle Hoyland is…

We celebrate our one year anniversary, we have medium Janelle Hoyland is in the studio and Sarah is with us. Janelle Hoyland is a soul pathway healer! Best selling author! Visionary Radio show host! She's been on the likes of...

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Jan. 30, 2020

S. 2 Episode 13- The Story Of Dolly Oesterreich

Kat discusses The Story Of Dolly Oesterreich and her lover that she kept in the attic!! Join us as we explore the dark side of humanity!

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Jan. 23, 2020

S. 2 Episode 12- Paranormal Hauntings at Moundsville Penitentiary

Ashley discusses the violent past of Moundsville Penitentiary, the paranormal activity, and famous inmates. Join us as we explore the dark side of humanity!!

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Jan. 16, 2020

S. 2 Episode 11- The Disappearance of Stacey Arras

Kat discusses the mysterious disappearance of 14 year old Stacey Arras from a national park while on a camping trip. Join us as we explore the dark side of humanity!

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Jan. 9, 2020

S. 2 Episode 10-- Luka Magnotta, internet killer from Don't F**k with…

Ashley discusses Luka Magnotta, born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman. She discusses his background, his crimes, facts the docuseries left out and more! Tune in and join us as we explore the dark side of humanity..with beer!! (Except...

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Jan. 2, 2020

S. 2 Episode 9-- The Ken and Barbie Killers

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Kat discusses the Ken and Barbie Killers-- Paul Bernado (also the Scarborough Rapist) and Karla Homolka. The married serial killer couple worked together to lure, torture, rape and murder adolescent girls. T...

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Dec. 19, 2019

S. 2 Episode 8-- The Icebox Murders 12/19/20

Ashley discusses one of the strangest technically unsolved murders in Houston, The Icebox Murders. Come join us explore the dark side of humanity...with beer!

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Dec. 12, 2019

S.2 Episode 7-- The BTK Killer 12/12/20

Kat discusses the background of the BTK killer, his crimes, and we pay respect to the victims. Come join us as we explore the dark side of humanity...with beer!

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Dec. 5, 2019

S. 2 Episode 6-- The Most Haunted Items in the World 12/05/19

This week Ashley discusses some of the most haunted items in the world, including many items found in the Occult Museum. Come join us in exploring the dark side of humanity while we drink some craft beer!

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Nov. 28, 2019

S. 2 Episode 5-- The Truth Behind the Conjuring 11/28/19

Kat discusses the real life events that inspired the movie the Conjuring! Tune in as she discusses all about the family, the events and more. Come join us as we explore the dark side of humanity..with beer!

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Nov. 21, 2019

S. 2 Episode 4- Disappearance of Amy Bradley 11/21/19

Join us as Ashley discusses the disappearance of Amy Bradley who went missing off of a cruise ship over 20 years ago. She discusses the background of the family, the efforts made to find Amy, the various sightings and what …

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Nov. 14, 2019

S. 2 Episode 3- Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard 11/14/19

Kat walks us through the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard. She was kidnapped in 1991 at the age of 11. She would spend the next 18 years of her life held captive by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Come listen and join …

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Nov. 7, 2019

S. 2 Episode 2- The Night Stalker 11/07/2019

Ashley does a deep dive into Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker from the 80s. We also discuss the beer we are drinking, updates about life and more! Join us as we explore the dark side of humanity!

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Oct. 30, 2019

S. 2 Episode 1-- Happy Halloween 10/31/2019

Kat talks about the history of Halloween and traditions from around the world! This is our very first episode where we branched out and started recording on our own so bare with us!

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Oct. 24, 2019

S. 1 Episode 31- Ghosts of Salem, Massachusets 10/24/19

Ashley wanted to discuss something a little bit different about Salem. Everyone discusses the Salem Witch Trials but in this episode, Ashley discusses the paranormal activity that can be found in Salem, including her three fa...

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Sept. 12, 2019

S. 1 Episode 30- Spontaneous Combustion with our Guests- 10/17/19

Ashley was on a business trip so Kat had Sarah and the other Ashley in the studio to discuss spontaneous combustion, the baseball world series and more!

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Sept. 5, 2019

S. 1 Episode 29- Disappearance of Brian Shaffer 10/10/19

Ashley dives into the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. Brian Shaffer was a medical student at Ohio State University. On the night of March 31, 2006, Shaffer went out with friends to celebrate the beginning of spring break; lat...

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Aug. 29, 2019

S. 1 Episode 28- Murder of Sylvia Likens 10/03/19

Kat discusses the tragic murder of Sylvia Likens. The murder of Sylvia Likens was a child murder that occurred in Indianapolis, Indiana in October 1965. Likens, a 16-year-old girl, was held captive and subjected to increasin...

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